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Vertical Scrolling Menu XML AS3

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Flash version: 9, ActionScript 3.0.
The vertical scrolling menu creates a menu entirely from the xml data, it was was designed to be used standalone embedded in html or inside your flash project.

It is highly customizable directly from the xml and is written in clean ActionScript 3.0 code with comments.

It can host an unlimited number of items, however in a small area a very large number of items will make the scroll very fast.

It supports all common special characters and can easily be modified to be used in any special language (ex. chinese, russian) by changing the font in the library, the rest will work out of the box.

The following options can be changed in the XML config file:
- all colors (bg color, text colors, mouse over state colors, line colors etc.)
- size of the menu (width and height) so it's very easy to resize.
- text, ulrs and targets of the buttons
- menu tile text

Note : it can also take up the entire stage vertically or horizontally (or both) if you set the width and/or height to 0 in the xml.

Photoshop Design .psd file is also included along with all Flash sources.

We hope you enjoy this new release from Flashtory.

Keywords: vertical  scrolling  menu  xml  text  slide  scroll  animated  easing  customizable  vector  dynamic  mask  flashtory 


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user bruno_is
bruno_is didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago

it can only navigate to url or it can also trigger goto functions?

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