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2009 XML Vertical Menu

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user flashreseller Byflashreseller


Flash version: 10, ActionScript 3.0.
The 2009 XML Vertical Menu is a practical solution to create a vertical menu from a XML data file. This product can be used as is or it can be embedded in your project. The menu comes with 20+ XML customization options, which make this product to be easy to customize and integrate.

- Dynamic XML Driven
- Fully customizable
- Animation Time Settable
- Unlimited number of items
- Buttons Width and Height are settable from XML
- Corner Radius customizable (all 4 corners are settable so the buttons can be can be square, with rounded corners or even spherical)
- Buttons border settable
- Buttons distance customizable from XML
- It can open urls or trigger actions within your project
- It has normal and over state for advanced navigations
- Advanced AS3 coding
- Easy to use and implement, supports flashvars

To customize this beautiful menu, open the settings.xml file and take a look at the XML settings.

Keywords: xml  vertical  menu  elastic  spheric  navigation  customizable  clean  smooth  animation  easy  embedded 


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user flashreseller
flashreseller the listing author 10 years ago

thanks for your reminding

user adrianTNT
adrianTNT didn't purchased this file yet 10 years ago

In the rounded buttons teh text should be lower 1-2 pixels if you wanted to center them.

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