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Dynamite ADD Scroller Rotator

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Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
Dynamite ADD Scroller / Rotator

This application can be used for many purposes, such as it can be used as a ADD Scroller or Rotator or
it can be used as a scroller to show the images of the latest events, products and etc.
The application is built in such a manner that it is very easy to customize to meet any purpose.


1. Fully Resizable
2. Fully XML Driven.
3. The images are looped.
4. Scrolling speed can be customize.
5. Transparency of the images can be customized.
6. Ticker facility.
7. Background color can be changed.
8. Supports JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIF, SWF and BMP formats.

---How to Customize XML---

Following is a code of xml fie-:

<item name="Pixar" url ="" url_window="_blank" image="thumb/1.JPEG" />

name = "Pixar" // Give the title of the item or image.
url = "" // Give the url which will open on image click.
url_window = "_blank" // Give the window mode in which the url will be opened
There are two window mode-:
_blank = this will open url in new window.
_self = this will open url in the same window.
image = "thumb/1.JPEG" // This is the url of the image.

NOTE : Be cautious in writing the extension of the image as it should be exact.
for eg -: If you have written "thumb/1.JPEG" as image url but if the image extension was in smallcase .jpeg
then flash will show problem in loading the image.

<setting images_opacity="50"/> // maintains images opacity or transparency (takes values between 0-100 ).
<setting rotator_scrolling_speed="1"/> // maintains the scrolling speed of the scroller.
<setting rotator_bg_color="0xffffff"/> // changes the background colour of the scroller (takes hexadecimal color code value)


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