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Global Menu Pro

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Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
The Global Menu Pro is a Flash menu component that represents a menu structure in a pop-up fashion with sliding submenus. It allows you to implement a hierarchical menu into your website navigation system.

The component provides with great usability supporting most complete feature set:

- multilevel structure (up to 5 levels) and unlimited menu items;
- menu data is loaded using XML;
- component can be completely configured through the XML file;
- (optionally) separate style declaration for each of top-level menu items;
- (optionally) setting specific values of width for any submenu block;
- all parameters (excepting those corresponding to particular items) can be easily set through the Component Inspector;
- alpha transparency support for all backgrounds;
- gradient support for background color;
- adding URLs or custom Flash functions to any menu click event (through the XML file).

The Global Menu Pro component can be used to create the professionally looking navigation system for websites of any complexity. Using parameter settings in the authoring environment and ActionScript methods, properties and events available for the component, you can build advanced and full-featured navigation systems.

Use Global Menu Pro to create any of the following:

- Horizontal pop-up menus;
- Dropdown menus;
- Sliding menus;
- Any combinations of above menus.

The package contains a PDF documentation, MXP file and usage samples (FLA, XML).

Keywords: pop-up  menu  horizontal  xml  sliding  dropdown  submenu  level 


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