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XML Countdown Timer - B_W V2 only at

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user manattweb Bymanattweb


Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
TWO FOR ONE! This download includes both a black text/white background and a white text/black background version. The countdown timer is equipped with a dynamic heading that changes to "Times Up" when the counter reaches zero and displays the below text in the "doneText" parameter. It also makes the timer clickable to the URL in the "link" parameter below.

New in V2 - you can now show or hide the milliseconds in both timers via an XML parameter.

The parameters are defined as follows:

showDays | This parameter is used to show the Days spot in the countdown. Set to "true" to show the days remaining
showMS | This parameter is used to show the milliseconds spot in the countdown. Set to "true" to show the milliseconds and "false" to hide them.
y = year | four digit year (ex. 2009)
m = month | zero-based numeric value for desired month (Jan = 0, Feb = 1, Mar = 2, etc.) | NO LEADING ZEROES
d = day | number value for day of month (i.e. 0 is not a valid value) | NO LEADING ZEROES
h = hour | number in 24-hour format | NO LEADING ZEROES UNLESS YOU ARE WANTING 12 AM
min = minute | non-zero based minute | NO LEADING ZEROES
doneText = Message shown on counter after counter reaches zero | LIMIT IS 22 CHARACTERS
link = URL the user will be sent to (in a new window) after the counter reaches zero and the user clicks on the message displayed by the doneText parameter

The .fla is NOT included.

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user mrsold
mrsold purchased this file 1 decade ago

This countdown timer works great. The original did not have an option to remove the MS portion of the ticker. My client thought that made his countdown display too distraction so smanatt now offers an option to remove it. Having both a black type version and a white type version is good too. Worth the money.....

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