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Advanced Image Gallery XML 03 AS2

Advanced Image Gallery XML 03 AS2 - click for preview
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user Flashtuning ByFlashtuning


Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
XML Image Gallery / XML Photo Gallery & XML Slideshow & XML Banner Rotator with Zoom and Pan support - AS2 version.

Key Features:

* Multiple image galleries definition via XML
* Display unlimited amount of images within galleries
* Easy to use XML file for images / titles / descriptions and links
* View gallery images by using the thumb menu and left / right end arrows
* AutoPlay / Previous / Next with global timer or individual for each image
* Time period adjustable from the XML file (in seconds)
* Multiple big images / banners support, you can use SWFs and/or image files
* Big images / banners width / height adjustable from XML
* Set URL links when pressing individual banners in the XML file
* Adjustable focus symbol and big image border size via XML
* Scroll Bar component support for the text description box and image menu
* Use roll over scroll for the image menu or scroll bar component
* Menu thumbnails and visible area size adjustable from XML
* Image titles, spacing, mirror and roll over coloring support
* Highly customizable skins and HTML / CSS driven description text box
* Optionally set the XML file path in HTML using FlashVars
* Full Screen mode and browser window resize support

= V03 Special =

* Image ZoomIn and ZoomOut support with adjustable zoom speed
* Image panning support on mouse over when the image is zoomed
* Bitmap Smoothing support to display crisp graphics and text on images
* Dynamic big image resize support when the window is resized to fit the stage

Opens with Flash 8, Flash CS3, Flash CS4 or higher. Quick start readme file and comments in the code included in the package.

Keywords: image  gallery  xml  photo  actionscript  categories  as2  flashvars  scroll  scroller  autoplay  menu  navigation  resize  zoom  magnify 


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user Flashtuning
Flashtuning the listing author 9 years ago

check the private messages.


user Acropolis_AD
Acropolis_AD purchased this file 9 years ago

Your photo gallery doesnt deliver what you promised.

1) When I play the auto play button, some of the photographs get stuck by displaying a white screen and the preloader that doesn't load the next picture.

2) When I use the full screen button, the photographs get stuck even worse where I still get the white screen with the preloader that doesn't load the next picture.

3) The text on the category box doesn't display all the time especially when I exit the page and then return to it. I'm not talking about the text inside the category box where I need to click on the arrow to view it; it's the visible text that should display all the time before I have to click on the next category.

Can you fix this problem? If you can, how can I get the fixed version. If you cant fix this problem, how can I get my money back?


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