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FLV/MP4/MOV Player

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user cornel18 Bycornel18


Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
*Don't need to know Flash;
*Supports FLV/MP4/MOV files.
*All the information is loading dynamic via Flash Parameters via JavaScript/HTML(same technology like youtube and other popular flv players).
*Controls: play button , pause button , rewind button, seek bar, time(current time , total time) , mute button , volume button , full screen button, stage play button, right click menu controls, load picture as first keyframe , preloader.
*Auto resize to every video size. You don't need to resize the video file with special programs or open the fla file to change the size, the flv player makes this for you. You jest need to specify the size of the flv file you want based on this formula:
- swf height size = video height size+25
- swf width size = video width size
- resizes the stage picture and flv file based on the size you specify.
*Vector graphic, so that it will look perfect on any screen resolution.
*Takes less then 5 min to make a custom player suitable for you.
*It's a very light player only 6Kb.
*It's all you need.

Flash Parameters:

allowFullScreen : allowing flash to work in full screen mode (values=true/false)
scale: allowing flash to scale (values=true/false)
menu : allowing flash default right click menu (values=true/false)
flv_path : setting path to the FLV/MP4/MOV (values="video.flv")
bg_pic : setting path to the bg file (values="image.jpg"/"no", any link to an jpg file or if you don't want a picture type "no")
volume_value : setting the default volume value (values="50" , any value between 0 and 100)
auto_play : setting the option to auto play (values="yes"/"no")

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user cornel18
cornel18 the listing author 9 years ago


There is an advanced version of the player:

Futures like: embed and sent like are in progress right now. But there only be available for the advanced version. Things like text ads or function to play a commercial before the actual videos are available only for companies. Since mmfiles doesn't allow me to set different types of license I will not update the player.

Best Regards,

user infinity
infinity didn't purchased this file yet 9 years ago

hi tunmsk,
I think cornel can't update this file for this low price
but may he can introduce a new file with this customisations and high price than this (4$)

user tunmsk
tunmsk didn't purchased this file yet 9 years ago

can some customisation can , be done to your player , like share ,embedd & send button ,also pre_roll & post-roll ads ,& a text ads plugin , thanks

user cornel18
cornel18 the listing author 10 years ago

An updated is now available to download for this component. Now supports FLV ,MP4 and MOV files . As always, we are committed to providing customers the best components ever.

user cornel18
cornel18 the listing author 10 years ago

*the product includes: fla, jpg, flv , html, js, help file(quick guide).
*about the update. I personally recommend purchasing the advanced one if you want to customize it dynamic. The players are using different video encoding classes so if you want to have the same functionality you will need to recode it so that it will play also .mov files
*Can I easily convert it to be xml video gallery?
The player works by sending parameters. If you are familiar with ac 2.0 then yes it is easy(should take 15 min to convert it into a video gallery for an experience coder)

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