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AD Rotator

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user Mahi ByMahi


Flash version: 9, ActionScript 2.0.
This is a simple AD rotator in just $4 only.
Easily display your Images, banners or other advertisements.

What features you will get with this..

1. You can add as many of images(Maximum upto width of the banner. This will be done automatically ).

When you add more images it will automatically add required button to stage. You can add images just opening the xml file.

2. Supports jpg,png and swf also.

3.This AD banner have image/AD limit option. If You will Add an extra Ad/Images, It will check the Space availability of Button on the stage. If the space will not available then it will remove extra button from Stage automatically.

4.You can edit the Timer option, XML Path and stage size of AD rotator from html without opening the flash/.fla file. After that the banner automatically set the preloader position, button position and all the required things automatically.

You have the perfect AD Rotator which doesn't have any unnecessary features. Just have maximum sufficient features to use with your website.

---- All images are provided by "" ----- Please take license for commercial use ------

Enjoy with perfect AD Rotator.
All the best.

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user Mahi
Mahi the listing author 10 years ago

New Features Added.
Timer option, XML Path and Flash Dimension can be Edited from HTML File.
Easy to use with your website. Just use Single SWF and define different XML in HTML Page.


user Mahi
Mahi the listing author 10 years ago

You will get below files:

1. Flash Source file -- .Fla (CS3 & Flash8)
2. XML
3. HTML(Sample embed code)
4. Help.txt
5. Images folder


user infinity
infinity didn't purchased this file yet 10 years ago

what are the included files?

user Mahi
Mahi the listing author 10 years ago

Hello m.elbadawy

Your Answers are:
1. Yes you can change height and width after opening the .fla file.
2. No, It will jump to next image, In this case you can purchase my other component, which have this facility. " /banner_rotator_corporate_1221.html "
3. It will start from frame 1.


user infinity
infinity didn't purchased this file yet 10 years ago

Hello Mahi,
I want to ask some questions.
1- Can I change width and height?
2- suppose I want to make the timer 5 seconds, and the 3rd image takes 7 seconds for loading, does it take 5 seconds for the load and then go to the 4th image, and the 3rd image doesn't appear?
or it starts the timer after the image appear?

3- If I add swf in the ads, contains 20 frame, does it starts from frame 1 or what happen?

Thank you

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