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user adrianTNT ByadrianTNT


Flash version: 10, ActionScript 2.0.
Display product images on your site; with thumbnails, preloaders, click sounds, fade effect, etc. It can display jpg, swf, gif, png, etc.

Paths to images and other optons can be set by the external XML file; you don't have to edit the source file to change the photos, colors, etc, you simply edit the XML file with a plain text editor.

In XML file you can set actions when the large image is clicked, the actions can be: opening an URL, trigger a function in the flash file, go to a frame, trigger a fscommand, load a flash movie, etc.

A list of options in XML file, note that the included readme.txt contains details for each of these options:

- path to thumb
- path to large image
- action type (open url, trigger function, go to frame, loadMovie, etc)
- url to open (or other action to trigger)
- url target frame (or options for given action)
- image title

- product_viewer_border="1"
- border_color="999999"
- border_alpha="30"
- thumb_border="1"
- thumb_border_color="666666"
- thumbs_x="6" thumbs_y="6"
- thumbs_space="5"
- total_thumb_columns="2"
- default_thumb_alpha="50"
- rollover_thumb_alpha="100"
- preloader_alpha="100"
- title_bg_color="999999"
- title_bg_alpha="15"
- title_text_color="666666"

Keywords: product  viewer  display  image  images  photo  photos  gallery  xml  thumb  thumbnails  thumbnail 


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user adrianTNT
adrianTNT the listing author 8 years ago

Send me by private message FTP info and the file name where you want it included.

user answri
answri purchased this file 8 years ago

Can you help me add this to my new website. I can send the information privately for you to look at the site or the DB.

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