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Image and Swf Slideshow

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Flash version: 9, ActionScript 2.0.
This is a simple Slideshow. Easily display your Images, banners or other advertisements.

What Extra features you will get with this..
1. You can add this slideshow in multiple pages And multiple times in a single page with different images with just using single swf file. You will not need to add so many swf files. Just add HTML code at all place where you want to add the gallery and specify xml path and time delay option. (You can see one example here:

2. Also you can specify the size of slideshow from HTML. All the things will arrange automatically at their respective position.

What Other features you will get with this..

1. You can add as many of images and swf.

2. Supports jpg,png and swf also.

3. You can edit/change the XML path and time Delay option from HTML page only. You will not need to open the .fla file. (See the provided help image). If you will not define the XML Path and time delay, it will take default value.(Xmlname=gallery.xml and mytimer=4000)

4.You can edit the stage size of this flash.
a.After opening the .fla file edit the stage height and width from property panel and publish. After that the banner automatically set the preloader position automatically.
b.You can define the size from HTML file also.

---- All images are provided by "" ----- Please take license for commercial use ------

All the best.

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