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Banner Rotator FX

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Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
Short description:
Maybe the most advanced Banner Rotator on the web. Completely XML customizable, without using Flash. And it's free!

Main features:
You can integrate it in any website for free without even using Flash. The overall width and height can be customized up to 1680 x 1050 pixels. Choose from more than 100 transitions. Supports JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, SWF. Auto timing (as an option, each image will last according to the length of the text; if not, you will be able to specify the duration for each image, in seconds). Option to have random images and/or random transitions. Ken Burns and Zoom image effects. If the images are displayed in a random manner, the Banner uses a fair advertising policy (meaning you won't see an image twice until all other images are displayed). Any sizes can be used for the images - they will automatically be adjusted according to the imageFitting option. Every image can optionally have different particularities, different from the overall settings of the Banner, like image and text effects, transitions, text options. HTML/CSS formatted text.

More features:
You can use embedded or non embedded fonts. The text can be shown only on mouse over, the slideshow can be paused on mouse over. Optionally, when the current image is loaded and shown, the next image will be loaded in background so the preloader will appear as least as possible.

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