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happybirthday shot

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user henlook Byhenlook


Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
Explosion of a shot filled with chads and fallig text.
The falling text is a standalone movie clip,can be removed and
the animation used for Happy New Year or another celebration.
Also the text animation is for another ecard available.
Used True Type Font ,,Porky´s,,

Keywords: birthday  happy  celebration  violet  chad  match  explosion  r  nparty  ecard  falling  star  anniversary  bash  blast  blowout  carousal  nceremony  conviviality  festival  festivity  fete  frolic  gaiety  gala  nglorification  hilarity  honoring  hoopla  hullabaloo  jollification  joviality  njubilation  jubilee  keeping  magnification  memorialization  merriment  nmerrymaking  observance 


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