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Water Effects V1

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user enricob Byenricob


Flash version: 9, ActionScript 3.0.
A sweet water effects written in actionscript 3, using bitmapdata class.

Works on flash CS3 or CS4.

Keywords: water  effect  watereffects  watereffect  image  bitmapdata  bitmap  data 


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user enricob
enricob the listing author 1 decade ago

Yes,the effect must be applied to MovieClips and you can use on ypur fla simply importing the WaterEffect class.

import enricoB.Effects.WaterEffect;
var Img:MovieClip=img
var wf:WaterEffect=new WaterEffect(Img,20,6);
addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVE, Render);
function Render(e:Event){
wf.drawRipple(Img.mouseX,Img.mouseY,20, 1)

user ounet
ounet didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago

hi,i've got some questions! Can we use it on vector, and can we add it in another fla file ?! Thanks, good works whatever !

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