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Water Effects V1

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user enricob Byenricob


Flash version: 9, ActionScript 3.0.
A sweet water effects written in actionscript 3, using bitmapdata class.

Works on flash CS3 or CS4.

Keywords: water  effect  watereffects  watereffect  image  bitmapdata  bitmap  data 


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user enricob
enricob the listing author 10 years ago

Yes,the effect must be applied to MovieClips and you can use on ypur fla simply importing the WaterEffect class.

import enricoB.Effects.WaterEffect;
var Img:MovieClip=img
var wf:WaterEffect=new WaterEffect(Img,20,6);
addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVE, Render);
function Render(e:Event){
wf.drawRipple(Img.mouseX,Img.mouseY,20, 1)

user ounet
ounet didn't purchased this file yet 10 years ago

hi,i've got some questions! Can we use it on vector, and can we add it in another fla file ?! Thanks, good works whatever !

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