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Tab Menu with Search box only at

Tab Menu with Search box - click for preview
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user adrianTNT ByadrianTNT


Flash version: 6, ActionScript 1.0.
Menu can be customized very easy, you don't need flash skills, all you need to do is change the text in the XML file, you open the XML file with a text editor like notepad from windows and you change the button text, url to open or other options like colors, time to remain expanded, etc.

Search box can also be enabled/disabled in XML file. You can specify a search URL and search variable name.

If you want the menu to do more than just open links, it can be used for more actions like going to a certain key frame inside a flash file, stop there, play from there, load an external movie into a given clip, and sure it can also open a web page.
Menu will come with fla source file so you can customize it even more if you like.

The menu also has other options like:

- time to wait until the sub menus are hidden (milliseconds). e.g 5000 = 5 seconds.
- a search box can be activated in the menu, you can configure this search box to retrieve a given url and pass a certain variable name, variable value will be taken from text field.
- menu bar width
- line separator transparency
- buttons text
- button url to open
- target frame of url to open

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user adrianTNT
adrianTNT the listing author 1 decade ago

The menu only contains the box and you can set the box to send the data to Google or another engine, Google can also search your site, like in this sample where it does a site search. In the menu you just give it the search URL and the name of the variable.

user sdenne
sdenne didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago

what search engine does it use?

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