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Majestic vertical 3d Cover Flow

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Flash version: 10, ActionScript 3.0.
This is the Vertical Version of the XML AS3.0 3d Cover Flow component built using the 3D capabilities of Flash Player 10.

The source files (for advanced users) are available only for CS4.

It supports image files (png, jpg, gif) or SWF files.

This cover flow displays items in real 3D arranging them in cover flow style. Tons of XML settings have been added and a lot of variations have been implemented inside XML so user can directly customize without opening Flash. It is XML driven with over 49 customizable settings. The entire theme color can be changed inside the XML file so there is no need to open Flash Adobe. Each item can have its own link to a target window, also you can specify the image that will show first. You can observe that you have the option to add a flip button to each item so when the image it's pressed it will rotate making visible the item's description.

* completely XML driven.
* supports image files (png, jpg, gif) or SWF files.
* the entire theme color can be changed inside the XML file.
* set the component width and height.
* set the item width and height.
* set the item rotation angle.
* set the z depth.
* set the y spacing between items.
* set the center gap.
* start the cover flow at center, left or right alignment.
* set the item border size and color;
* set the item background color.
* flip item option.
* the buttons and scroll bar can be enabled or disabled (this means that they will not be visible you don't want).
* set the scroll bar width and height.
* the buttons position can be set anywhere.
* slide show option.
* auto play option.
* set the flow time (the delay between transitions in seconds).
* it can open URLs when an item is pressed (this feature can be disabled).
* FlashVar support with dynamic XML path name.
* Source code provided and highly commented.
* Advanced AS 3.0 coding. The performance of this product is so good that you can have multiple cover flows set to auto-slide in the same page of your project or website.
* OOP code.
* Many other cool features.

Note : In order to open the source file you need to have Adobe Flash CS4 installed. Also you have to install Flash Player 10 or above for your browsers, in order to work without problems.

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