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PIMP AS3 - Panning Interactive Menu Pro this listing is admin's pick

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user patrickjansen Bypatrickjansen


Flash version: 9, ActionScript 3.0.
PIMP-up your website. AS3. A new multi-item web, linked by interactive item-hookups connecting all items together. All-items-view on background click.

File Features:

* Either place items manually in a container MC or choose automatic calculated item-placing by component;
* Offering an extra left-top quick menu and the option to click background to zoom out and show the complete structure;
* The component uses a Dijkstra algorithm to automatically extract the shortest path between moving from one item to any other, independent of which items you hook up to each other;
* Includes an image carousel for "Portfolio", which allows either default standard image zoom or thumbnail + extra loading highres image option. XML driven;
* Includes an XML driven "News" section;
* On background-click zoom out you can drag items from their place. Interlinking web-lines and panning movements will update accordingly;
* Using exclusive MovieClip scroller, very easy to duplicate to new items.

Check Readme.htm documentation to view quick-start, component parameter options and starter tips.

Keywords: alegorithm  carousel  connected  dykstra  image  interlinking  menu  movieclip  news  panning  path  scroll  scroller  shortest  slides  spider  structure  web  xml 


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