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user patrickjansen Bypatrickjansen


Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
Block Text with rotating pixel cubes creating letters and numbers. Uppercase, Lowercase, special characters and ? ! !! $ ¢ – . Offering mirror, filters, 3D/non-3D letters and multicolor options.

All letters are array-defined combinations in a 14 x 6 rectangle grid. Any shape can be defined within the grid dimension.

Main new features include:

- Rotation around its own axis for each block created out of a 12 keyframe sequence;
- Option to add a mirror reflection to letters;
- More characters: Uppercase and Lowercase, common special - characters and ? ! !! $ �¢ - . and you can always create your own characters in a 14x6 grid;
- Use 3D letters or on-3D (flat) letters;
- Add filters, including glow, bevel, blurX and blurry;
- Multiple colors(tints) possible for the blocks in each letter;
- Add customizable rotating flares and shining lights to letters;
- Choose different acceleration options and different block matching movements.
- 2 type of large numbers. And now including extra 7x4 grid small number variations;
- Delay between letters;
- Spacing between letters;
- Minimum and maximum Speed/duration of blocks movements;
- Minimum and maximum speed/ duration of blocks revealing into position;
- Horizontal and vertical blocks movement distances;
- Horizontal and vertical blocks radial movements;
- Direction of in/out blocks;
- Scale and Fade in/ out option for blocks;
- Add an alpha flicker to blocks revealing into position.

Keywords: pixel  block  text  animation  cubes  3d  effect  words  grid  cube  letters  teleportation  visual  digital  blocks  startrek  trekkie  energize  transporter 


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user gurnak
gurnak purchased this file 7 years ago


I recently purchased your brilliant work.

I would like to use the symbol, is this something you can create or tell me how to do

Keep up the awesome work!!


user adrianluty
adrianluty didn't purchased this file yet 9 years ago

thanks for the help =) very good seller

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