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Rubber Menu AS3

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user patrickjansen Bypatrickjansen


Flash version: 9, ActionScript 3.0.
Menu component with MovieClips as button items which can be keyframe tweened and include extra actionscripted animations on mouse over and when clicked. All menu items are interlinked with customizable elastic lines.

File Features:

* Menu buttons can be set to be draggable or not.
* Menu buttons with mouse over and currently active menu item will stay put on the spot.
* You can set the curviness and size of the elastic lines.
* You can set a bevel filter for the elastic lines.
* Duration of falling down and moving sideways can be customized.
* Button up/down and sidewards swing distance and speed can be customized.
* You can optionally set a fixed spot for menu items to move to when clicked.
* Shadows can be set at a fixed point or at a certain distance from the menu items.
* Predefined script offering automated fullscreen repositioning if needed.
* Menu item keyframe motion tween makes customization easier.

Keywords: Rubber  snap  elastic  dragable  cords  lines  menu  buttons  navigation 


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user patrickjansen
patrickjansen the listing author 10 years ago

You could test it easily. Unzip the in some folder and create pages about.htm, home.htm, products.htm and contact.htm in that same folder. Then open in folder /classes/ file Uncomment lines 342-350 and lines 353 and 354. For URL load also comment out lines 208 and 209. Save the File. Open rubbermenu_as3.fla and test-movie. The first 4 buttons will open pages on click.

Again, feel free to contact me by email or PM if you like.

user igasp4air
igasp4air purchased this file 10 years ago

oh heck with it. Could I pay you to customize it for me? I know it's simple but I end up spending all my time on it and getting nowhere on a website. let me know.
Thanks bunches.

user igasp4air
igasp4air purchased this file 10 years ago

I will try some more. But flash seems to not like the movie clips. It tells me i can't add url links to them. I will spend some time on it. I can alter the names but I just can't get the urls attached to the movie clips. I'll let you know if I ever figure it out and I will examine your example below. thank you.

user patrickjansen
patrickjansen the listing author 10 years ago

The functionality as-is is because all buttons are in fact "MovieClips". But you still add AS to them as if they're buttons, Flash doesn't discriminate that. The Extra step is not that hard. In in function doitemisreleased() the functionality of each button is handled. Check the comment under "//manual change load URL - advanced" simply uncode that part and buttons will try to open pages "home.htm", "about.htm", "products.htm" and so on. Change them to the links you need and add or remove as much items as you need.

You can also choose to use the way you normally work, adding actions as you'd do to buttons. There's really no reason not to if you prefer that. In that case simply make sure you create for example in the main timeline the appropriate eventListeners you usually would for buttons and add those listeners to each MovieClip (as if they were buttons). In that case you'll need to make sure the paths are appropriate to each MC's.
To give you an example, the following code in the main timeline will make button "Products" open the google homepage on click. ps, the checkinit eventlistener is to make sure all buttons have been generated

addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, checkinit);
function checkinit(e:Event) {
menu.getChildByName("containermenu"). getChildByName("obj3").addEventListener( MouseEvent.CLICK, gotolink);
removeEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME , checkinit);
function gotolink(e:Event):void{
var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest("");

It's not different then usual ways
Feel free to contact me by email if you have any questions

user igasp4air
igasp4air purchased this file 10 years ago

also-since you made them "movie clips" instead of "buttons" you can't add a link in flash the normal way. Sighs-
so I'm still trying to add links of the pages I want each menu item to open. With no success yet. You might want to add in your description that this is not standard in any way.
I'd love it if you have a quick how to on adding links. Otherwise it looks like I'll be spending hours with google.

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