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Fullscreen Advanced Images Gallery v2

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user dhunter Bydhunter


Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
Fullscreen Advanced Images Gallery v2
Fully resizable and customizable images banner rotator or images gallery with xml settings.

- Fully resizable
- Customizable sizes/margin/colors/opacity/fonts
- Any images number
- Any categories number
- Any images sizes and sides ratio
- Small size ONLY 26 kb swf
- Four transition effects
- Full support HTML tags in description (br,i,a href,b,font face color size etc.)
- Autofit images support, few autofit modes
- Few smoothing levels, can be viewed on low-end machines
- Any navigations elements can be disabled
- Any navigations elements can be replace or edit by fla editing
- Easy fla editing without AS code knowledge
- Easy modify by xml file edit
- Rotation\'s time control
- FullScreen or window using
- Resize function can be desabled
- XML file can be set in html: index.swf?xml_file=data.xml
- Easy modify and easy using as part of another Flash AS2 projects

All you need to do it\'s add your images paths and descriptions to xml file.

Main XML setting:
- Thumbnails(number) width
- Thumbnails(number) height
- Thumbnails(number) color in RRGGBB format
- Thumbnails(number) opacity
- Thumbnails(number) margin - Distance between thumbnails
- Background color in RRGGBB format
- Background image path
- Autofit Image - Reducing image if it bigger than screen resolution (Width/Height/All/Full/None)
- Smoothing Level (0-2) 0 - min CPU Load; 2 - max CPU Load
- Rotation interval in seconds
- Startup Slideshow (Yes/No)
- Show Arrows (Yes/No)
- Show Thumbnails(number) (Yes/No)
- Show Timer in Center (Yes/No)

- Number text style in html format -<font color=\"#333333\" face=\"Tahoma\" size=\"15\">

- Transition_effect(1-4) - 1(morph effect good for fullscreen or not Autofit) -2(decrease effect good for active Autofit or not fullscreen) -3(increase effect good for any mode) -4(pseudo morph effect good for any mode)
- Category items(menu) width
- Category items(menu) height

- Category items text style in html format - <font color=\"#333333\" face=\"Tahoma\" size=\"15\">

- Category items(menu) color in RRGGBB format
- Category items(menu) opacity
- Category items(menu) margin - Distance between items
- Autoresize control (Yes/No)

Keywords: slideshow  banner  rotator  xml  advanced  support  HTML  customizable  auto  resizable  settings  tags  smoothing  modify  as2  sizes  ratio  fullscreen  r  n 


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user dhunter
dhunter the listing author 1 decade ago

2 jmedina Thanks for your comments and suggestions

user jmedina
jmedina didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago

VERY nice work ! I like the slides show going thru ALL the galleries then stopping. i also like the total counts of ALL pics in all galleries and they way you count them so user knows how long the show will be. two suggestions (IMHO) : 1) add music .mp3 via .xml playing in background, stop music when slideshow stops 2) maybe instead of numbers put thumbnails (maybe thumbnails with a number above or below ?)

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