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Horizontal Photo Portfolio Site

Horizontal Photo Portfolio Site - click for preview

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user dhunter Bydhunter


Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
Fully resizable and customizable Horizontal Photo Portfolio Site with xml settings.

- Fully resizable
- Customizable sizes/margin/colors/opacity
- Any images number
- Any categories number
- Auto-scrolling
- Small size ONLY 19 kb swf
- Any images sizes and sides ratio (Auto Resize)
- Full support HTML tags (br,i,a href,b,font face color size etc.)
- Target link support
- Two transition mode
- Normal and continous scrolling modes
- Easy modify and easy using as part of another Flash AS2 projects
- Ready to use without fla editing

All you need to do it's add your images paths,links and title to xml file.

Keywords: photo  portfolio  site  menu  images  scrolling  scroll  loop  infinity  auto  xml  advanced  link  url  target  slider  resizable  customizable  settings  HTML  tags  modify  as2  title  sizes  ratio  horizontal 


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user Marcovka
Marcovka purchased this file 8 years ago


I installed the script in
The portfolio refuses to function. Any reasons that might explain this ?

thank you

user ScotterMonk
ScotterMonk didn't purchased this file yet 10 years ago

Hi -

I really like your "Horizontal Photo Portfolio Site".

I have the need for some features that may or may not exist in your product. Please let me know if they exist or you can add them or you have another product that better suits my needs. Thanks. Here are the features:

(1) Link. I need the ability to add a URL (HREF) into the XML file; when they click on the big picture I want to send them to another page, a page of my choosing that is dependent on which image they clicked on. The page may be for "add to cart" or it may be to give information about the project photographed. It *looks* like your product has this :)

(2) I need categories AND *subcategories*. Prefer text or tabs at top. I see this product has text at bottom. Easy to change?

(3) Autoplay.

If you can add these features and create a new product (and if I can afford it) I will buy it!

Please let me know what you think:

Thank you!

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