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Advanced Video player

Advanced Video player - click for preview

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user dhunter Bydhunter


Flash version: 9, ActionScript 2.0.
Fully resizable and customizable video player with scripts pack for use in video sharing service like youtube.


- Fully resizable
- Easy customizable
- Share (External uses as embeded code)
- Startup image
- Startup commercial
- HTTP pseudo-streaming (random access to parts of the video that have not yet loaded)
- Ratings system
- View's —Āounter
- Auto hide controls
- Alternate video content (low/high quality)
- Fullscreen support

Video player must be run with video file id which indicate what file must be played. Example: preview.swf?video_id=1

Example of PHP Script which select video files:

if ($_GET['video_id']=="1"){
echo '
<title>The Simpsons Movie</title>
<author>20th Century Fox</author>
}else if($_GET['video_id']=="2"){
echo '
<title>Yes Man</title>
<author>Warner Bros. Pictures</author>

<title>The Simpsons Movie</title> //Clip title
<length>62000</length> //Clip length in milliseconds
<pre_pic>sim.jpg</pre_pic> //Start image
<rating>5</rating> //Rating value //1-5
<views>117</views> //Views value //0>
<comments>16</comments> //Comments value //0>
<hi_flv>simpsons_hi.flv</hi_flv> //High quality clip file
<low_flv>simpsons_low.flv</low_flv> //Low quality clip file
<author>20th Century Fox</author> //Author
<date>02.25.2008</date> //Clip Date
<intro>adv.flv</intro> //Commercial clip //if empty main clip will start immediately
<id>1</id> //Clip ID

All PHP scripts which needs for run video player and save rating and views statistic include in ZIP archive.

note: HTTP pseudo-streaming uses script from xmoov.

Keywords: video  flv  youtube  embed  share  player  ratings  fullscreen  resizable  random  access  seek  pseudo-streaming  sharing  service  xmoov 


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user dhunter
dhunter the listing author 1 decade ago

fullscreen button work when player show starup image or show main video clip, and fullscreen button not work when player show adv video clip.
Cigar clip it's as example of advertisment

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