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Fullscreen Advanced Images Gallery

Fullscreen Advanced Images Gallery - click for preview

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user dhunter Bydhunter


Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
Fullscreen Advanced Images Gallery
Fully resizable and customizable images gallery with xml settings.

- Fully resizable
- Customizable sizes/borders/margin/colors/opacity
- Auto thumbnails creating (No Need prepare low size images copy using third apps)
- Small size ONLY 5 kb swf
- Any images amount
- Any images sizes and sides ratio
- Full support HTML tags in title (br,i,a href,b,font face color size etc.)
- Full support HTML tags in description (br,i,a href,b,font face color size etc.)
- Autofit images support
- Few smoothing levels, can be viewed on low-end computers
- Easy modify and easy using as part of another Flash AS2 projects

All you need to do it's add your images paths and descriptions to xml file.

Note! Only preview version have "demo XMLSetting panel".

Main XML setting:

//Thumbnails width
//Thumbnails height
//Thumbnails border size
//Thumbnails border color in RRGGBB format
//Thumbnails border opacity
//Distance between thumbnails
//Image border size
//Image border color in RRGGBB format
//Image border opacity
//Background color in RRGGBB format
//Background image path
//Reducing image if it bigger than screen resolution (Yes/No)
//Smoothing Level (0-3) 0 - min CPU Load; 3 - max CPU Load

Item XML setting:

- title //Title, text below thumbs
- description //Description for each image, shows in description panel on top. If description epty like description panel will be automatically hide.
- imgsrc //Path to big image or swf

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user dhunter
dhunter the listing author 10 years ago

2 smourt, ya if you use high resolution images then you will have "cropped" effect when will try set autofit=Yes and use it in not large window. This is a AS2 restriction, you can try set the _quality="BEST", but you can have lags. Try to use low resolution for your images

user smourt
smourt purchased this file 10 years ago

the autofit is not accurate, large images are still "cropped" even when Yes is appplied.

user dhunter
dhunter the listing author 10 years ago

Thanks for your comments.
2 jmedina you can click "Click here for preview" and then click "Expand" button in new window for view it on a full screen.
About music, i will add this function in future versions

user jmedina
jmedina didn't purchased this file yet 10 years ago

I agree with Federico39, VERY smooth, music nice touch and I like the 'loop' feature. having fixed sizes takes away from this, if you could somehow go full screen via button would be VERY nice, as many more people are buying larger LCD, LED monitors (mine is HD 1080P, 24 inches diag.) so this would look small

user Federico39
Federico39 didn't purchased this file yet 10 years ago

I have no idea of the underlying technique, one thing is very appealing the aesthetics implementation, smooth and clean and the soft movements. I like it very much. Guess one could easily top it with the addition of a
some suitable music playing..

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