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Zoom Pan controls with dynamic image and settings

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Flash version: 9, ActionScript 3.0.
Prepared to display high resolution photos, maps and any image or Flash swf. Can be implemented anywhere in a web page, opened through standalone Flash player or used as a component in a Flash project. Resizable to fit within the dimension specified in HTML file. Button controls and scrollbar available for zoom, pan and to reset the position of image.

Note that you can use any size for your content (images or swf files) the loaded content will adapt based on the dimension specified in the configuration XML file this makes it a perfect choice for any project that you have in mind.

* Fully XML driven, no need to know Flash or to open it with Flash authoring tool.
* RESIZABLE ...Can specify your own canvas width and height.
* Changeable color theme, the entire color theme can be changed for the buttons or scroll bar.
* The scroll bar or controller can be hidden.
* The loaded content can be dragged with the mouse (optional feature).
* The loaded content can be zoomed using Mouse Wheel (for windows only).
* The speed of zooming and the speed of movement in response to the buttons and scroll bar can be adjusted.
* The scroll bar or controller can be hidden when the loaded image is pressed ( this is optional).
* The initial zoom percentage and alignment can be set, the zoom factor this means that you can zoom the image as much as you like just by changing a parameter in the XML file.
* Adjustable Easing value (smoothness of zoom).
* Auto hide the controls or/and scroll bar and delay time for this feature.
* Alignment and location of the control buttons, the scroll bar and controller can be placed anywhere on the component by setting the x and y position in the configuration xml file.
* Advanced scroll bar to zoom in or out the loaded content, this is also resizable, you can set any height you wish.
* Image can be loaded outside from Flash using the external configuration XML file.
* FlashVar support with dynamic XML path name.
* Fully editable MCs, No compiled Clips, this is perfect for Flash developers because they can change the code or add new features.
* OOP code.
* Many other features.

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