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XML Site header with Banner rotator

XML Site header with Banner rotator - click for preview
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user BF-Designs ByBF-Designs


Flash version: 9, ActionScript 2.0.
A very cool and efficient solution for your site's header, allowing a lot of customizations but in the same time it is very easy to work with.

It supports both Pictures and Swf movies and you can display them using 50 different effects and transitions.

It can be customizable only using the xml files attached so there is no need for any Flash knowledge and it can be used as it is.

Some features:
- you can add your logo and slogan and their positions will adjust automatically to be in the center of the area
- you can put a color or a gradient as background for your logo and you can set its transparency or even you can change the gradient's angle
- you can add a link on your logo
- you can add text for your adds, the text is HTML and can be formatted very easy
- you can decide the text position, its background and the way it will appear and how long this animation will run
- for each add you can select from 10 types of effects, for each effect you can select 5 types of displaying it so you have 50 effects and transitions.
- you can change different parameters for each effect according with your needs
- for each picture / swf you can set the time it will run
- you can select if the text will appear when the add animation starts or when it is finished
- you can change the text's background color to whatever you want
- you can add a title which will be displayed when you put the mouse over a bottom add number.
- for each add you can insert a URL address to access on click and the target window
- you can select if you want to display different elements like the bottom adds list, the pause / play buttons or the timer when the slide show is started
- you can choose to run the slide show from the start or not
- and much much more...

The package contains a documentation file where it is explained how you can customize this component.

Keywords: site  header  customizable  logo  slogan  xml  banner  rotator  pictures  images  transitions  effects  adds  add  ad  loop  swf  loader  html  autoplay  slide  show  slideshow 


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user BF-Designs
BF-Designs the listing author 9 years ago

In the "adds.xml" file in "logoOptions" area you have 2 options <logoWidth>192</logoWidth> and <logoHeight>113</logoHeight> where you can enter your logo dimensions in pixels. Also i changed a little the file to avoid this kind of problems in future, so please download it again.

Please send me a private message if i can help you with something else.


user lawsons
lawsons purchased this file 9 years ago

Can you please help me figure out how to fix this i tried everything and i really need this to work asap

user lawsons
lawsons purchased this file 9 years ago

Im having a problem with using this on a site im doing. For some reason the first load shows the logo like all messed up looking in the wrong position. When i reload its fine though. It does this on every pc i try any ideas?

user BF-Designs
BF-Designs the listing author 9 years ago

I did some changes in the resources area and the issue is solved.

user BF-Designs
BF-Designs the listing author 9 years ago

This situation have 2 causes:
- the sizes for the resources used are a little bigger and i will try to make them smaller. The swf files used have 2.1 MB because they used a video.
- Internet connection speed

Anyway I'll review my component.

Thanks for your feedback

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