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Airplane Take Off Animation

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user henlook Byhenlook


Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
Airplane at take off on evening.
Suitable for all kinds of air-topic designs and animations.
Animated in Cinema 4D,light effects added in Flash.
Flash CS3 and Flash 8 included.

Keywords: airplane  aircraft  light  take-off  start  airport  evening  tower  r  nwing  flash  sky  sunset  engine  cockpit  silhouette  chassis  flyway  nrunway  fly  air  airliner  jet  airship  kite  transport  aviation  nturbo  n 


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user henlook
henlook the listing author 9 years ago

asimhaa, thank you very much for your cordialy and sincere words,next animations are in production already and should come next week.
have a nice time

user asimhaa
asimhaa didn't purchased this file yet 9 years ago

Dear henlook you are the best in animation. i have saw all your animation that all are wonderfully smoothly, and professionally sound.. gr8 dear.. keep it up with more items................

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