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Web template flash slideshow

Web template flash slideshow - click for preview
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user FWDesign ByFWDesign


Flash version: 9, ActionScript 3.0.
This is an ActionScript 3.0 XML Web Template Flash Slideshow, it can be used as a presentation web site or photography web site.

No Flash knowledge required for setting up this template. Everything can be set from a main .xml file and also each gallery has its own .xml file making it very easy to update and maintain.

This template it's resizable adjusting after the browser size. This means that everything will look the same on each resolution and your photos will appear the same for all your visitors.

You can add as many galleries as you like.


* The template is resizable, so everything will resize based on the screen resolution, adjusting the size of each piece of the template based on the resolution without distortion. Resize the browser after the template is loaded in order to understand better this feature.
* You don't need to know any code, all is configured with external XML files.
* The option to add as many galleries as you need and also to label them as you like.
* The color theme can be changed.
* The thumbs can have any size you want, this way you can use any type of image formats for the thumbs and big images.
* Advanced thumb grid positioning.
* Advanced thumbnails navigation, there is some complex math that is handling the thumb navigation.
* Advanced scroll bar for the thumbs.
* Full screen option. , this can be enabled or disabled.
* Slide-show.
* Maximize / minimize support for the big images, this can be enabled or disabled for each image individually.
* Set the transition length between images in seconds.
* Auto play option for the slide show feature, this can be enabled or disabled.
* Set the slide show delay in seconds until the next image will load.
* The code is written in ActionScript 3.0 , this means that the performance is greatly improved in comparison with AS 2.0.
* OOP code.
* Other great features.

There are full instructions in the help.txt file about how to set this up, it's really easy to figure it out.

I hope you like this template because is an amazing piece of Flash work, if you have questions don't hesitate to email me.

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user FWDesign
FWDesign the listing author 9 years ago

The template is working fine what bothers me is that if you buy it you think you can ask to make any change you like to it! Is not how it works, before buying a component/template read the description carefully and if you are not sure about something ask the author...

@DaveR001 I really wanted to help you but I just don't have the time and your change require a day of my life at least. I am sorry maybe some other time...

user m98765
m98765 didn't purchased this file yet 9 years ago

thx daver001 thats good to know!!!
support is most important and if they dont have good customer support screw that!! they should care for customers who paid their service... thx dave , i was about to but product and i saw ur comment!! no thx!!!!!!

user DaveR001
DaveR001 purchased this file 9 years ago

....anyone can see your mistake or lack of implementation for them's right there above in your Preview. Click the preview and you get thumbnails for the galleries (great) ~BUT~ then click on a gallery and you would think you would get the thumbnails for that gallery, but you don't, you just get the first picture in that gallery fullscreen and your forced to click "image list" on the top to get the thumbnails to show up. --Hope I'm explaining myself clearly to the publisher as I don't think he/she gets it.
--- If I'm wrong, and there is a "switch" in the config file then why not tell me ? instead of saying "don't blame it on the product!"

user DaveR001
DaveR001 purchased this file 9 years ago

-- FWDesign -- Here is what you emailed me when I asked you this same question the first time privately:
I'm sorry but that is not possible. I can be done with code changes but right now I am not available for custom work.
Tibi - FWD."
-- But now your telling me I'm not able to add a correct path in the XML file .... just fix your software so it works the way it should work, like every other gallery out there, show the thumbnails first!

user FWDesign
FWDesign the listing author 9 years ago

If you are not able to add a correct path in the xml file then don't blame it on the product!

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