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X-Treme Zoom Menu XML AS2

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user Flashtuning ByFlashtuning


Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
XML Zoom Image Menu / XML Scroller Photo Menu & XML AutoPlay Menu.


* Fully customizable XML driven content
* Unlimited number of images ( JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF ) and SWF support
* Customizable width, height, position and item size
* Easy to use XML file for images / tooltips / titles / descriptions and links
* AutoPlay ( AutoScroll ) with global or individual timer for each image
* The menu can be configured to support Infinite or normal scroller modes
* You can use images at fixed or custom size (images having variable width / height)
* Optional you can show / hide two navigation buttons and adjust the each button position
* Individual items selection or mouse roll over scroll effect options for AutoScroll mode
* Time period adjustable from the XML file (in seconds)
* Both horizontal and vertical menu orientation support
* Dynamic image reflection with transparency, distance and direction settings
* Image ToolTips with automatic text wrapping, font embedding, background and border color / size support
* HTML / CSS driven ToolTips description text and ToolTips position, offest support
* Items alignment and rollover mouse movement speed options
* Set URL links when pressing on individual images
* Display the items in the order they appear in your XML file or in a random order
* Optional image highlighting feature for the active / inactive items
* Define image borders size/color from within the XML configuration file
* Image tooltips, spacing, mouse roll over blur effect and click support
* Optionally set the XML settings file path in HTML using FlashVars
* No Flash Knowledge required to insert the Zoom Menu SWF inside the HTML page(s) of your site

Keywords: menu  zoom  tooltip  autoplay  scroll  scroller  infinite  flashvars  border  effects  xml  photo  image 


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user somarcio
somarcio purchased this file 9 years ago

Hy, Flashtuning, i like and use your menu, but i need you help.

This menu is finit widht, but i need this infinit...
<object param="totalWidth" value="1024" /> 0 = infinit
because, resize site... menu no resize

Full visible
No limit mask width... "mc_MenuMask"
PS: sorry my bad emglish

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