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Dynamic XML yScrolling ComboBox only at

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user CarmineRumma ByCarmineRumma


Flash version: 10, ActionScript 2.0.
Customizable XML ComboBox that supports N items,
y scrolling at mouse move.
You can change via XML: item's height,base's height and number of visible rows.
It's easy for use in parent movies.Copy and paste the clip

Keywords: combobox  dropdown  xml  list  dynamic  scrolling  scroll  mouse 


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user CarmineRumma
CarmineRumma the listing author 1 decade ago


getURL (data, "_blank");

user CarmineRumma
CarmineRumma the listing author 1 decade ago

This file has not been developed for the getURL,
but to adapt it to do so just add the script:

getURL (date, "_blank");
to the "onItemClick"at line 18
and use the XML tag 'data' for link

user somarcio
somarcio didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago

Hey man, i need this combo selected getURL links.
this ok for links???
OBS: sorry my bad english (brazilian)

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