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Advance Banner Rotator XML

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user msnegi98 Bymsnegi98


Flash version: 9, ActionScript 3.0.
1.Support for unlimited JPG, PNG, GIF image formats and animated SWF's, Images can be integrated with Banner using XML setup.

2.Easy to change the banner size. Just change the stage size to change the size of banner.

3.Images can be optionally linked with URL's. When linked, target window can be specified for URL's.

4.Flash Supported HTML and external CSS support : Titles and associated Descriptions can be provided through XML file. The Titles and Descriptions can be formatted using Flash supported HTML tags (please refer to adobe help for Flash supported HTML tags) and external CSS used with banner. CSS file contains the ready to use sample tags which further can be customized to fulfill the requirements. New CSS tags can be specified in external CSS file and used using flash supported HTML to format the Titles and descriptions. So, Color, size and styles can be easily changed using external XML and CSS. Transparency of background for Titles and Descriptions can be set through XML for each individual image. Even background of Text can be made hidden. The location, width and height of Titles and Descriptions can be specified through XML file. Titles and Descriptions are optional and can be omitted for some or all the slides through XML setup (please refer to displayTitle XML tag details).

5.Titles, Descriptive text and their backgrounds are optional for each slide (can be omitted or hidden). Text can be placed any where on the banner through XML setup. The color and transparency of the background of Text can also be changed to each individual slide.

6.Embedded font have been stored in external SWF so can be easily replaced.

7.Advance timer control have been used. Each image slide has its individual delay setting. Once paused and played, timer starts from the point where it was paused.

8.Image Slide controller can be used to move through the images slides. Play/pause button can be used to pause and play the image slides. All the buttons can be hidden using XML tag showTools="no".

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user chukumekso
chukumekso purchased this file 8 years ago

i really need to resize and edit the files. Just downloaded it and it seems too complicated to edit. I need to resize it and work on the transition effects and add more pics. How do i go about those? Thanks.

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