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PayPal Buttons Drop Down Menus

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user arc600 Byarc600


Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
Paypal button and drop down menu combinations. The button sets are contained in discrete movie clips so adding new products is simply a matter of copying and pasting movie clips. The idea behind having multiple sets of buttons is the user can pick which set best fits their needs and then paste that in to their project.

A quick and easy way to add PayPal buttons to your site.

If you want to change the button graphic you can replace it with your own.
The drop down menu categories can be changed to whatever you would like.
The coupon code can be changed as desired.
Price bumps can be customized.
Quantity discounts can be customized.

Basic Modification
The code for even the more complex button set is pretty easy to modify as you can see by the code below (which also has comments in the source file).

itemName = "Widget 1 ($10.00)";
baseValue = 10.00;
option1Name = "Color";
option2Name = "Size";

quantityDiscountThreshold = 5;
quantityDiscountPercent = 0.10;
quantityDiscountMessage = "10% off Quantity Discount";

couponCode = "25% off code";
couponCodeSuccess = "25% Code Discount";
couponCodeFailure = "Invalid Code";
codeDiscountPercent = 0.25;

More Features
If you need more features, like shipping options, please see my PayPal Store Template.

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user arc600
arc600 the listing author 1 decade ago

Thanks for the nice comment! :D

user XemmeX
XemmeX didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago

This is a cool and simple solution! Great job! I will remember next time I have a few items to sell on a website! :)

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