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HD 720p Video Player With Zoom

HD 720p Video Player With Zoom - click for preview

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Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
What video formats are compatible?

Note: This player works with flv and mp4 videos. I know .mov files will not work, and I assume no other files will work either.

What's the point of this player?

When I made the player full-screen video playback on my computer was lackluster (it was slow and choppy), which I reasoned might be due to the resizing and smoothing of the video. So, I made this player which does not re-size the video (at least by default), and I think it does perform better. Although, if you want to zoom in or out or smooth the video, I added that option, which does sound odd, but the zooming seems to re-size the video differently than the full-screen mode.

If you want a video player that re-sizes videos automatically, my Pro 3 player does it.

How difficult is this player to set up?

I'd give it about a five out of ten difficulty wise. I would think even a novice should be able to set it up in under 15 minutes.

For Flash copy the player and paste it in to your fla file, then use the text file to tell the player what videos to play. Then upload the swf and text file and you are done.

For people who want the player in an html site, just open the text file and type in the address of your videos ( then upload that text file, the included swf file, and the html file and you are done. If you want the player in your html site just copy the object code from the included html file and paste it in to your site.

Player Features

HD 720p Playback In It's Original Size:
This player will play 720p videos in in their native resolution. It will also play any video in it's native resolution, which brings us to the next feature.

Native Resolution Detection:
The player automatically detects the native size of the video and plays the video in that resolution. (Otherwise the programmer is stuck trying to figure out what size their video is and then you have to match the size of your video with the video player size. Then you have to do that with each video. It's a big hassle. The auto size detection fixes this problem). I think a video always looks best when played in it's original size.

Auto Centering:
Automatically centers the video in the screen. (Without the added code the video will play up in the upper left hand corner of the screen, which is unappealing).

The user can zoom in and out as much as they would like.

After you've zoomed in some you might notice that things start to look pixely. That's where smoothing comes in. It does exactly what it sounds like it does, it smooths out the pixels so an expanded or shrunk video can still look good. Since speed can be affected by smoothing the user can toggle smoothing on or off.

Pan or Scroll:
The user can pan or scroll up or down, left or right. The controls are similar to scroll buttons, so a right arrow will move the image left, up will move it down, etc.

Smart Zoom:
The zoom feature takes into account if the video has been panned to the right or the left and the new zoom function will stay centered on wherever the video was centered last.

Grab and Drag (New Feature!):
The user can toggle dragging on or off which allows them to drag the video image around the screen. This is especially useful when zooming so a person can zoom in on exactly what they want to see.

Resolution Displays:
Display the original and zoomed resolution.

Reset Button:
Resets the resolution back to the original amount and re-centers the video, this is useful after lots of zooming and panning.

Full Screen Mode:
Allows the viewer to watch the video on the full screen.

Minimize button:
You will see this below the volume control. It will hide all of the control bars. The button will disappear after a short amount of time and will reappear when moused over.

Volume Slider:
Click on the volume icon and a slide control appears. The user adjusts the volume with the slider and then the slider disappears. The user can also click on the speaker icon again and the slider will disappear.

Scroll or Scrub Bar:
There are different styles of scrub bar, some don't update the screen as you scroll, this one does, which I think makes it the best kind.

Smart Scrubbing (New Feature!):
The player will remember what size and what zoom level a video is at and keep in in that position even if the scrub bar is used.

Toggle Controlled Time Display:
Click on the clock icon in the control bar to see how long the video is and how long it's been playing. I like being able to turn off this display because I think the constant changing of the numbers can be distracting.

Options Toggle Button:
I like having a bunch of options but don't necessarily like looking at them all the time, which is why I included an options toggle button (the upward facing arrow next to the volume control).

Text File Control
Flash is not required to use this file. The user can change everything using a simple text file.

Other Things
Instructions are included. I've tried to make the player as easy to use as possible.

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