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user msnegi98 Bymsnegi98


Flash version: 9, ActionScript 3.0.
This is an XML based AS3 Rotating 3D Cubical Navigational Menu with optional URL linking through XML file. Each face can have its own link and link target window. If required, height / width and position of cube can be changed through XML settings. You can optionally choose rotational directions rotateVertical/rotateHorizontal through XML file. You can change the background image through XML settings. You can even exclude the background image through XML settings.

Key Features :

1. Images to be displayed on cube faces are external images setup through XML file
2. The images displayed on cube faces can be optionally linked to a URL through XML file
3. Target window can be specified for the linked url through XML file
4. Cube rotation can be set to horizontal-only or vertical-only if required through XML file
5. Cube size can be increased or decreased according to the size rquired through XML file
6. Cube X,Y position can be adjusted through XML file
7. Background image of cube can be changed through XML file

Keywords: 3D  Cube  Menu  XML  papervision3d  rotating  cube  menu  navigation  cubical 


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user adrianTNT
adrianTNT didn't purchased this file yet 8 years ago

This is nice.

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