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Banner Rotator with 3D Navigator and Easy Configurator

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Flash version: 10, ActionScript 3.0.
Banner Rotator with 3D Navigator & Easy Configurator Simple and easy to use image rotator with navigation menu for the main banner on your site, image slideshows, product galleries, photoshoot, picture album, developer portfolio and many such applications where you need to show some images to the end user and provide a navigation facility

Key Features

* No flash required : build your own banner using a simple step by step walkthrough within minutes. Anyone with basic computer navigation skills and the images to display can get it up and running within an hour. You do not even need flash installed on your PC, just the usual flash player everyone has.

* Auto sized based on html settings,initial size can be set dynamically based on user window. No need to specify size in flash or xml file

* 9 different transition effects for images and 5 different text transition effects.

* html text with css based formatting supported. Set text properties in css file and enclose it in html tags

* Support external links in same window or new window

* Supports auto rotation of images and a feature to turn it off as well.

* Looping navigation menu with Mouse acceleration based motion and Optional rollover magnify.

* Curved navigation manu with gradual bending of thumbnails.

* Full walkthrough style xml creator allowing build up of banner in minimal time.

* image preloader bar can be colorized to match your theme.

* rounded banner with curved outline and ability to define rounding amount.

* Supports image & external swf files loaded dynamically through xml, loading done at display time makes initial loading very fast and low on CPU and ram.

* Fully documented as3 classes with extensive reusability (image loader, xml parser, transition manager, html text loader)

Keywords: image  slide-shows  product  galleries  photo-shoot  picture  album  developer  portfolio 


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