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Digital Stopwatch Analog Stopwatch Clock and Alarms

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Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
This file contains four watches. Click on the gray buttons in the bottom right corners to see them.

Press on the different buttons to try out the different features. Each watch is contained in a movie clip. To put one of them in your FLA just copy and paste it.

Digital Stop Watch Features

1. Timer Alarm
Click on the small text to change the alarm time. The alarm will sound if the elapsed seconds exceed (not match) the alarm time. When the alarm sounds the alarm active setting will be turned off (which is toggled with the red alarm button).

2. Clock Alarm
Use the right button or click on the submenu to go to the clock. Click on the small text to enter alarm time. Click on the red alarm button to turn the alarm on. When the alarm time matches the current time the alarm sounds. Be sure to include AM or PM and the space in between the numbers and the AM or PM.

3. Alert
If the Alert value is set to on then a javascript alert window will appear when the alarm sounds. This is useful if the the browser is minimized or if you are viewing a different tab. The effect varies depending on the browser.

4. Glow settings
Press the button on the left side of the screen to see different glow settings.

5. Note Pad
Click on the center top button to toggle a notepad. Type whatever you want there. This button also turns off the alarm sound and flashing light if the alarm is going off.

Analog Stop Watches Features

1. Leap Second Option
Each watch has a leap second option. The option is set to true for the first watch. To change it just go to the first line of actionscript for the watch in question and set "leapSecond = false" or true.

2. Alarms
Use the small black button to change alarm settings and use the silver button to toggle between which alarm settings are changed by the black button. The silver slide buttons also change the alarm and alert values. The alarms sound if the elapsed time exceeds (not matches) the alarm time. When the alarm sounds it turns off the alarm on setting.

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