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Papervision3D Cover Flow

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user FWDesign ByFWDesign


Flash version: 10, ActionScript 3.0.
This is a Papervision 3D Cover Flow component built using the papervision 3d engine

This product also includes the source files.

[b]This Flash CoverFlow can present the entire spectrum of supported Flash formats SWF files, images, videos and sound files.

It is a very complex Papervision3D CoverFlow having so many features (see the XML settings in the image presented at the end of description) and a very advanced code.

Everything is dynamic, set in the XML file. AS code is very advanced and optimized for high performance.

This cover flow displays items in real 3D arranging them in cover flow style. Tons of XML settings have been added and a lot of variations have been implemented inside XML so user can directly customize without opening Flash. You can easily adapt over 65 customizable settings in XML. The entire theme color can be changed inside the XML file so there is no need to open Flash Adobe. Each item can have its own link to a target window and you can specify the image that will show first. You can add a flip button to each item for rotating the image or SWL and making visible the item's description.

* XML driven
* supports image files (png, jpg, gif), SWF files or video files (FLV ,MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, MP4V, F4V, H.264)
* the entire theme color can be changed inside the XML file
* set the component width and height
* set the item width and height
* set the item rotation angle
* set the z depth
* set the x spacing between items
* set the center gap
* start the cover flow at center, left or right alignment
* set the item border size and color
* set the item depth
* set the item background color
* change the font
* change the font size
* the buttons and scroll bar can be enabled or disabled (this means that they will not be visible if you don't want)
* set the scroll bar width and height
* the buttons position can be set anywhere
* auto play option
* tool tip for each item(this is optional)
* slide show option
* flip item option
* set the flow time (the delay between transitions in seconds)
* it can open URLs when an item is pressed (this feature can be disabled)
* FlashVar support with dynamic XML path name
* Source code provided and highly commented
* Advanced AS 3.0 coding. The performance of this product is so good that you can have multiple cover flows set to auto-slide in the same page of your project or website.
* OOP code
Many other cool features.

Keywords: papervision3d  coverflow  cover  flow  3d  xml  video  swf  flv  f4v  mov 


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user Dalcyc4me
Dalcyc4me purchased this file 5 years ago

Are there instructions on how to set this up in the flash program. I just purchased
the papervision3D thinking I could use it to make a flash movie for my home DVD's. I have
Flash Professional CS6. I was under the impression this could be done, but my
question is can this be done? If so, do you have a tutorial or user
instructions to help me get started. I am not interested in using it on some
internet site. Thanks

user suzytc
suzytc purchased this file 6 years ago


PLEASE HELP ME!! I've gotten my project to work from YOUR folder... when I copy my files into the website/folder I'm wanting to copy this file into (which your instructions says is easy and SHOULD work, no problem), I'm getting 2 errors, the one, Line 27 1017:The definition of base class Reflection View was not found as well as another error, within, Line 1 saying it cannot find the info. The string is off... I've tried changing that to my sites name being first... I don't understand why this is working from my desktop BUT NOT when I'm dragging it into my flies where the site I'm wanting to use this. It did NOT say I had to copy and keep everything within YOUR folder... PLEASE help me... I know this has to be an easy fix.

I want to copy this into an existing fla document... should work... I don't understand why I'm getting the errors when it's working from your folder... do I need to copy more folders and info besides the "gs", "ro" and "load" folders?

PLEASE HELP!!!! I want to use this... this has to be an easy fix... is anyone out there?? HELP ME PLEASE!!! I've got to get this done, I don't want to use another slideshow, I want to use this one!!

I'm sorry I'm not a coder... BUT I've made all the corrections in your help txt. It is working within your folder, I'm just getting the errors when I copy the fla document and other folders into my site folder.



user suzytc
suzytc purchased this file 6 years ago

Hi!! Do y'all offer help?? See comment below... THX!! --Suz

user suzytc
suzytc purchased this file 6 years ago

Hi, I'm trying to get this to work and I've followed all the instructions, placed all files, edited XML BUT I keep getting a: ro/fwd/coverflow3d/, Line 27 1017:The definition of base class Reflection View was not found. Error... HELP!! It's not allowing me to see anything... just making my test run thru all my linked pages. Also, in your "load" folder there is a Thumbs.db... how do you create that? OR is it automatically created... so far none has appeared in my folder. Do I need to copy that file over into my images folder? Is it necessary, there is no mention of it. I hope you can get back to me relatively quickly, I'm really under the gun and can't seem to get this error to go away and it's racking havoc with my project. ALSO, is there a way to use this in straight html? For Smart Phone applications? THANKS!!--Suz

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