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MP3 Player with XML Setup

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user msnegi98 Bymsnegi98


Flash version: 9, ActionScript 3.0.
This is an XML based MP3 Music Player developed using AS3. It can play streaming audio tracks so can be used as a desktop MP3 Player as well as an online MP3 Player. Requires Flash CS3 / CS4 and above / Actionscript 3.0 (AS3) to edit the source files.

Key Features :

1. XML driven easy setup - MP3 music files can be specified through XML file.
2. Previous, Next, Play, Pause and Stop Buttons.
3. Loop Back Button
4. Mute Button
5. Volume Bar
6. Seek Bar – The knob over the seek bar can be used to move play head forward or backwards.
7. Current time and Total Time
8. Track Name – The scrolling Track Name can show as track titles as longer as possible.
9. Wide space for Track Artist Name.
10. shows Track number playing and total number of tracks
11. Auto play next sound if loop back button is off
12. Support for unlimited number of MP3 files
13. Sound Equilizer
14. Title, Artist, Track No.and time information have been formatted using external stylesheets.

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user makkmadi
makkmadi didn't purchased this file yet 5 years ago

Hi. Will this player work with my radio station, if I add my station URL details and embed this player in my website ?

user khbasha
khbasha didn't purchased this file yet 9 years ago

Thanking you for replying my comments, pls do send me the quote as soon as possible to

user msnegi98
msnegi98 the listing author 9 years ago

Please add this work to custom work area then I will let you know the estimate for the same.

user khbasha
khbasha didn't purchased this file yet 9 years ago


I want a Mp3 Player in flash where I have some requirements in this as given below.
1. I will have a folder called music under which I will have 3 folders Hindi, Tamil & Arabic.
2. Under these folders I have many sub folders with the name of the movie and songs under the folder.
3. I need a button like a tuner as we have in radio or we can have as a remote where we can choose the channels, this should be configured in XML as music/Language.
3. Now once the language is chosen the should play all the songs which are there under the folder with sub folders.
4. Now once the player starts playing it should display in the player which song is playing and which channel is been selected.
5. Every time when I access this player in browser it should start playing the songs by default from Hindi Language and the songs should be selected dynamically.
6. Make sure the same songs is not repeated again and again.
7. I need the interface to be a different one at the same time good appealing and eye cache.

If you are willing to do this pls do let me know you can contact me @ basha123 AT Gmail Dot Com or you can contact me @ +91-9894597935.

Also do let me know how much do you charge for this.

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