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Pro Video Player Auto Sizing No Flash Required

Pro Video Player Auto Sizing No Flash Required - click for preview
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user arc600 Byarc600


Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
Note: This player is best used with FLV files. It will play MP4s, but the playback is inconsistent (sometimes only audio plays), so I would recommend just sticking with FLVs as they've always worked perfectly. If you don't have a converter Leawo makes a free one.

This video player will automatically detect the size and shape of a video and resize it to fit the player while accurately maintaining the original proportions.

Video Formats
This player will play any size video including HD 1080p. It has been tested with and will play flv and mp4 (it will not play .mov).

Text or Flash Control
The features of this player are controlled with a simple text file so Flash is not required (but if you prefer controls are available within the Flash file).

Quick Setup
1. Open the included text file. On the first line you will see:


Replace the address with the address of your video.

2. Upload the text file, swf file, html file and your video file to the same folder on your server. Now your video will play. Note: If you want the player in an existing html file simply copy the object code (<object>...</object>) from the included html file and paste it in to your html file where you would like the player to appear.

More Controls
There is no further need to adjust the text file, but these controls are available:

autoFit = true;
fitHeight = false;
fitWidth = false;
screenSizeDisplayOptions =true;
smoothingOn = true;
_global.volumeDefault = 20;
hardwareScalingFullScreen = true;

Playing in a Flash File
To use this player in an existing FLA just copy and paste it. It's self contained within it's own movie clip.

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user arc600
arc600 the listing author 10 years ago

Sorry about that, it was missing. Now it's in the file.

user johnod
johnod purchased this file 10 years ago

am I missing something, or is the .swf file missing from the download zip?

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