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user E-levan ByE-levan


Flash version: 9, ActionScript 3.0.
The VPlayer V1.2 is a light-weight yet highly configurable video player which has a modern sleek look, it Plays HD h264 format as well as the standard flash format, auto resize 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio depending on the metadata in video-clip, xml playlist with auto play “true”/”false”, looping for continous play “true”/”false”, smoothing in fullscreen and normal screen for optimal picture quality. This Video Player also comes with 2 skins “Black” & “Silver”

The source files are well commented so you dont need a lot of knowledge of Flash if your wanting to customize this file.

NOTE: The download file only comes with one video-clip, to enable the skip and playlist buttons simply add multiple entries in the xml file.

Keywords: HD  h264  Video  Player  Fullscreen  Playlist  Gallery  XML  Thumbs  FLV  Tooltip  AS3  Actionscript  CSS 


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user E-levan
E-levan the listing author 7 years ago

Hi Asimhaa

It is posible to resize the video player in the xml file, however the dimesions you mentioned may mean that
some of the other elements of the player will need to be resized as well. I would be happy to do this for you
as well as removing the title at the top, I'll let you now when I'm done.

Thanks E-levan

user asimhaa
asimhaa purchased this file 7 years ago

I have purchased your VPlayer V1.2, but could not able to re size it, please can u re size (height 290 and width 390) i also do not want title bar ahead.

user E-levan
E-levan the listing author 9 years ago

Thanks Jorgerosa

user jorgerosa
jorgerosa didn't purchased this file yet 9 years ago

Its perfect by now! Wish you great sales. It really deserves it.

user E-levan
E-levan the listing author 9 years ago

Hi Kmax can you please contact me via my e-mail address, I would like to get your opinion on the layout of the controls panel.

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