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YouTube and FLV H.264 Video Player V2 - Mobile and Auto-Resize

YouTube and FLV H.264 Video Player V2 - Mobile and Auto-Resize - click for preview
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user FWDesign ByFWDesign


Flash version: 10, ActionScript 3.0.
The YouTube & FLV / H.264 Video Player V2 - Mobile & Auto-Resize is capable of playing all Flash supported video formats (progressive download) and Youtube videos in any resolution and aspect ratio with data coming from XML or simple FlashVars.

This player can be set to any size you want by changing the player width and height in XML, so you can integrate this in any of your projects, HTML or Flash, also it has an autoresize feature that will resize the player to fill the available space, you can see this by opening the second sample for this component.

No Flash knowledge is required for setting up this video player. Everything can be set from a main XML file making it very easy to update and maintain.

Note that this video player is optimized for touch screens (it is optimized mobile devices like smart phones and tablets that support flash player 10.1 or higher).

This product can be embedded in WordPress, Joomla or any kind of HTML content.
YouTube Player Features

* XML driven content
* Flash vars support
* Fully resizable Flash Video Player (Play 4:3 or 16:9 or any custom size of video)
* Supports HD H264 and all common flash video player formats (progressive download) as well as Youtube videos with or without high definition
* You can select the youtube video quality form the video controller. The available quality rates will be displayed in a cool way so you can select the desired quality for the playing video
* Video preview image
* Big play button
* Space key listener, you can use Space key to play/pause the video
* Click listener, you can click on the video to play/pause the video
* AutoHide controls bar, you can set the player to autohide the control bar and mouse after a number of seconds of inactivity.
* Autoplay option
* Loop option
* Cycle, shuffle and next playback features
* Next and previous buttons for changing videos
* Video smoothing (optional)
* Description window and button for video (optional)
* Support HTML and CSS formated text
* Set the start volume
* Full screen button (this is optional)
* Volume control
* The buffer time can be set for the streaming videos
* Playlist with categories, you can add as many categories as you might need
* The playlist has a search box that allows video searching
* Easy navigation for the playlist thumbs
* Share and embed window and button (optional)
* Link to the current video - the link to your player is available. Using FlashVars the player will open with the video you are watching
* Embed this video - YouTube like embed code is available. The visitors can generate the code lines needed to embed the player on other sites
* Send To A Friend - the visitors can send an email inviting the email owner to watch the video. The email can contain HTML code and you can edit the email content for this email in XML. No programming knowledge needed. A php file will send the email, php file included in source files.
* OOP code.

Along with this product you receive a help.txt file explaining how to set it up YouTube & FLV / H.264 Video Player V2 - Mobile & Auto-Resize. Enjoy!

Keywords: youtube  flv  f4v  video  player  resizable  fullscreen  playlist  share 


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user karla.polyanna
karla.polyanna purchased this file 9 years ago

Hello When I change the font of the words are cut player. Please reply me urgently.

user FWDesign
FWDesign the listing author 9 years ago

This player will play videos from other domains but you need to have permission form that domain, if they don't allow it then it will not work.

user karla.polyanna
karla.polyanna purchased this file 9 years ago

Hello please answer my doubts:
- I have to use the player for live streaming or other site links
- Has how to add a "hotline" for the User to contact the presenter in the case of live and on site
- And the videos without having to start PLAY

user FWDesign
FWDesign the listing author 10 years ago


Thank you. It is a nice player:)

user kikexa
kikexa purchased this file 10 years ago

GOOOOD work! I love have youtube inside a greate look of ur player

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