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Pro Video Player 2.0 Disappearing Controls No Flash Required

Pro Video Player 2.0 Disappearing Controls No Flash Required - click for preview
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Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
NOTE: This player plays flv and mp4. It does not play mov files.

The demo contains a detailed description. Here is a brief description of the major qualities of the player:

1. Easy to set up
2. Flash is not required
3. The control bar can be set to fade out or slide out of view
4. Autosizing: The player detects and resizes videos to fit the player dimensions while maintaining the original video's ratio, so the video will never look distorted
5. Videos can be set to wide or standard format
6. The alpha (transparency) of the control bar, buttons, and scroll bar can all be changed
7. The player can be resized within or outside of Flash
8. The player can be pasted into existing Flash files
9. The player has a virtual fullScreen that can be used when the player is pasted within an existing Flash file
10. The player will play all size videos including HD720 and 1080p
11. It plays flv and mp4. If you don't have these formats you can always use youtube to convert your file to these formats, or use conversion software.

Keywords: video  player  invisible  controls  fade  out  wide  screen  resizeable  mp4  flv 


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