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Pro Video Player 3 Advanced Features No Flash Required

Pro Video Player 3 Advanced Features No Flash Required - click for preview
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user arc600 Byarc600


Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
This player has been tested with mp4 and flv. It's not compatible with f4v. The video in the demo is mp4. The player is compatible with all video formats that are compatible with Flash8 (of course you can always use a converter or youtube to convert a different format to flv or mp4 and then it will be compatible with this player)

Major New Features of This Player:

This player has all the features of my earlier two Pro video players plus a number of new ones. Actually, if you look back at the other demos for the other players they show a lot more of the features (I'll try to make this demo more extensive later).

1. It has a dual buffering system. In this example, it loads 20 seconds (this is adjustable) for an initial buffer and then after the buffer is set to 1 second. Without this feature, a large pre buffer is relatively useless, as the video will stop even when the play head is far from the end of the loaded amount.

2. The player has a open-in-new-window full screen method. I think the playback is far superior to the traditional fullScreen method. You do have the option though, within the text file, to set the fullScreen to simply use the standard method (in the demo I changed this back to the traditional full-screen method, as I think it's by far the most popular. You can still change it to the other method though if you want with the pay for version).

3. Larger size (vs. my other recent players). It's 854x480, so it can play those size videos without any resizing.

4. New control bar. It has a matte finish instead of shiny. The volume control is also new.

Brief Description:

1. Not too difficult to set up. Just follow the instructions and you should be fine.
2. Flash is not required, all features are set with a text file.
3. The control bar can be set to fade out or slide out of view
4. Autosizing: The player detects and resizes videos to fit the player dimensions while maintaining the original video's ratio, so the video will never look distorted
5. Videos can be set to wide or standard format
6. The alpha (transparency) of the control bar, buttons, and scroll bar can all be changed
7. The player can be resized within or outside of Flash
8. The player can be pasted into existing Flash files
9. The player will play all size videos including HD720 and 1080p

Quick Set Up:

- 1.1 Open the included text file. On the first line you will see:


Replace the address with the address of your video.

- 1.2 Create a new folder (ex. video1) on your server and upload the text file, swf file, html file and your video file to that folder on your server.

Now your video will play.

AS3 Compatibility:

You can load this into a AS3 file as an swf.

Keywords: video  player  flv  mp4  HD  new  window  full  screen  854x480  buffer 


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user arc600
arc600 the listing author 8 years ago

One last thing, if you do resize the video player, you'll probably want to set smoothing equal to true. As it is now, it's false.

user arc600
arc600 the listing author 8 years ago

One way to change the size is to open the html page and change the width and height within the object code. For ex. you could use width="50%" height="50%". If you have Opera you can see a preview the effect without downloading the file by viewing the source, changing width and height and then clicking apply changes.

If you own Flash, you can also resize the player by opening the file, clicking on the movie clip that contains the player and then resizing it. You can see this effect within my two Pro Video player file demos.

Of course, if your video is a different size, the player will automatically scale the video to fit, if you set autoFit = true (1) in the text file.

user amgpictures8
amgpictures8 didn't purchased this file yet 8 years ago

Can the player size be changed from the 854px width?

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