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user pauljima Bypauljima


Flash version: 10, ActionScript 2.0.
Based on the work of Yugo Nakamura, this is a neat visualization for comments. Using a simple XML file, you can generate a unique tree out of your comments that's fully browse-able.

Everything sits in a self-contained movieclip you can control and position with simple actionscript.

Keywords: xml  yugo  nakamura  comment  tree  green  visualization  visual  grow 


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user kenjenmorales
kenjenmorales purchased this file 7 years ago

ok, newbie needs help!
I purchased this tree thinking I could figure it out.
What do I need to do first and so on ...

user pauljima
pauljima the listing author 8 years ago

That's something you should be able to do by editing the actionscript code. I can't remove it for you...

user zakspeed
zakspeed purchased this file 8 years ago

Hi, did you remove the "said" for me?

user pauljima
pauljima the listing author 9 years ago

It'd take quite a bit of tweaking to get the branches to grow in a specific pattern. Right now, they do sprout in order, but where they sprout FROM is determined randomly.

As for removing the "SAID" thing, that should be simple enough to take out.

user zakspeed
zakspeed purchased this file 9 years ago

Hi, is there a way to control the order for each branch?

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