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3 Dimensional

3D projects made, 3D flash animations or other 3D scripts and components for websites.

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Professional 3D Carousel AS2 and AS3

Professional 3D Carousel AS2 and AS3 $8.00   by FLABOT

This is probably the most feature rich and powerful flash 3D carousel you can buy today. Please view all the six demo examples and keep in mind all we changed were the XML Settings, that' ... 23 sales

Laser 3D

Laser 3D $15.00   by patrickjanse ...

Laser 3D is a component which creates a three dimensional animation by slowly drawing out the outline sides of the object with a laser or lightning ray. It does not require any 3D plugin ... 22 sales

Rotating 3D Image Cube Menu

Rotating 3D Image Cube Menu $8.00   by msnegi98

This is an XML based AS3 Rotating 3D Cubical Navigational Menu with optional URL linking through XML file. Each face can have its own link and link target window. If required, height / width ... 11 sales

Parallax Background Creator XML

Parallax Background Creator XML $8.00 by MS-Design

You can use your own images to create beautiful background effects!! TRUE PARALLAX is a quick and stylish solution for your website background, banner, slide ….. With UNLIMITED PARALLAX ... 11 sales

Quick 3D Carousel AS2

Quick 3D Carousel AS2 $8.00   by FLASHTORY

This is a smoothly animated, quick loading 3D image carousel that is driven by XML. It is powered by advanced AS2.0 code and it is very flexible. It can open urls or use it to trigger action ... 10 sales

True 3d Globe

True 3d Globe $5.00 by blend4design

True 3d Globe This is a designers dream pack. You get 3 flash globes with transparent backgrounds and a quicktime version with black background slowed down. Whether you need a larg ... 10 sales

Professional 3D Sphere Navigation AS2 and AS3

Professional 3D Sphere Navigation AS2 ... $8.00 by FLABOT

With so many features and settings, 3 distinct sphere styles as well as the inclusion of both AS2 and AS3 versions, this is probably the best 3D Sphere navigation available for purchase toda ... 9 sales

Advanced 3d carousel

Advanced 3d carousel $15.00 by FWDesign

This is a XML AS3.0 3D Carousel component built using the 3D capabilities of Flash Player 10. The source files (for advanced users) are available only for CS4 or CS5 and future version of ... 7 sales

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