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user digitalpoint Bydigitalpoint


Flash version: 9, ActionScript 2.0.
This is a XML banner rotator with New and improved code which is now fully driven with XML and HTML. Easily display your Images, banners or other advertisements.
What features you will get with this..

Most important feature.
1. This banner doesn't start the timer for autoplay till all images are loaded in the banner. So no waiting time for next images.This banner load first image in the stage and stops. In background the banner loads all images and when its complete, the timer starts the autoplay option.
2. You can Define the XML path, Timer value and Dimension of Gallery from HTML also. You will not need to do any thing from .fla file.
3. If you want to Show/hide the Number Buttons from the Gallery, This can be done from HTML only. See the Help image.

Some other features

1. You can add as many of images(Maximum upto width of the banner, Because no body add more than 15-20 images and this banner is best viewable with 15-20 images).
When you add more images it will automatically add required button to stage. You can add images just opening the xml file.

2. Supports jpg,png and swf also.

3. You can add description with all images just editing in XML only.

4. Also have external link option on main image. (If you dont want to give the external link, just left blank the link field in xml, It will automatically disable the main image for external link. And this features associated with each images separately.)

5. Same in the description case, If you dont want to show the description, Left blank the description field in XML, It will automatically remove the read more button from description panel. And this features associated with each images separately.)

6. This banner also have play pause option which means it have autoplay option.

Note: If you will not define the value in HTML page, It will take default value by itself.

All the best.

Keywords: XML  banner  rotator  autoplay  unlimited  image  swf  png  jpeg 


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user digitalpoint
digitalpoint the listing author 8 years ago

Sure,let me know what is the problem...

user evalee
evalee didn't purchased this file yet 8 years ago

could you help me to edit in xml ? please

user Flashdream
Flashdream didn't purchased this file yet 8 years ago the most well coded flash market site i have ever seen!

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