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Infinite Photo Grid with Lightbox

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user FWDesign ByFWDesign


The Infinite Photo Grid with Lightbox has a fluid / flexible / responsive layout. Basically the grid is added into a HTML page into a div of your choice and it adapts based of that div's width and height. In the examples provided you can see a few ways in which you might use this grid, of course that other configurations are possible (please note that the examples are provided in the download files).

Pure OOP JavaScript code, no usage of jQuery or other libraries, in this way there will be no incompatibilities with HTML pages that might be using jQuery or other JavaScript libraries.

The Infinite Photo Grid with Lightbox is using the GPU (hardware acceleration) using HTML5 standards. The rendering speed and performance are impeccable on desktop computers and most importantly on mobile devices. it works in the following way: it will try to use CSS3 and if this is not available it will down fall to CSS2 or CSS1 for older browsers like IE7 and IE8.

Easy installation and full documentation included, the grid playlist is constructed from <ul> elements which makes it easy to set up manually or to be generated from a database or any other type of data structure, this grid can be installed and used by designers or developers with ease.

Great performance on mobile devices, you can see in the video demo that it runs just like a native app!, It was coded and optimized for mobile devices and it is 100% mobile compatible and of course it will run just as great on desktop computers including on older browsers like IE7 and IE8. We have tested it on IPAD3(IOS) and on a SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 (Android) and it runs great on both devices, below are the links to view this demos.

Watch demo running on Samsung Galaxy S3 (android) or Watch demo running on IPAD (IOS).


Flexible / Fluid layout: you can control the size of the grid with CSS or JavaScript; basically it has an adaptable layout which makes it the perfect candidate for any type of project.

Four display types are included: fluid width, full screen, flexible and lightbox (check out examples!).

The entire color theme and skin can be modified.

Unique way of displaying your images! Basically the grid can be dragged indefinitely in any direction and new thumbnails will be displayed, there is a complex mathematical algorithm behind the hood of this grid which makes this possible.

Support for large number of images.

Customizable thumbnails geometry and color theme: this feature allows you to change the thumbnails’ size and background color.

Thumbnail transparent overlay: a transparent colored box which appears over a thumbnail when it is not selected, the color and opacity for this box are customizable (optional).

Thumbnail small icons: small icons which appear when a thumbnail is selected, these icons are of three types (video, link and image) (optional).

Custom press thumbnail action: when a thumbnail is pressed you can choose either to display an original media lightbox which we have coded, or to open a new webpage, the URL and the target of this webpage can be specified. The lightbox can display images, or it can display videos loaded from YouTube or Vimeo.

Navigation animated help screens (optional).

Fullscreen button (optional).


Flexible / Fluid layout: the lighbox will always fill the available browser viewport.

The entire color theme can be modified.

Vimeo and YouTube support: all you have to do is to include the link from YouTube or Vimeo video that you want to display and the lighbox will display and play your video. The size (width and height) of each video can be set easily.

Zoom and panning support for images: you can zoom in and out an image and you can pan the image, in this way you can see the image in great detail (optional).

Slideshow button (optional).

Slideshow delay, the delay of the slideshow can be set in seconds.

Slideshow autoplay.

Slideshow custom animated graphics.

Next and previous buttons navigation (optional).

Info button and info window: each lighbox item can have a description, the text and window appearance can be formatted with CSS (optional).

Customizable border and background: the border size and color and also the main background color are customizable.

Keyboard support: the left and right arrows can be used for navigation (optional).

Keywords: grid  infinite  draggable 


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user macphoto
macphoto didn't purchased this file yet 7 years ago

Does this app support .MP4 and .OGV video formats for HTML5 implementation?

CREUNE purchased this file 8 years ago

Good job FWDesign !


user FWDesign
FWDesign the listing author 8 years ago

Yes it is a simple product to use as all our products.

Best regards.

user TinyBird
TinyBird purchased this file 8 years ago

Totally easy install, excellent all the way around...

user FWDesign
FWDesign the listing author 8 years ago


Yes you don't need to upload the documentation folder.

Best regards.

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