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Carousal Image Gallery

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user Mahi ByMahi


Flash version: 9, ActionScript 2.0.
Its a simple Image Gallery with nice Carousal effect.

Keywords: Carousal  Image  Gallery  Simple 


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user Mahi
Mahi the listing author 1 decade ago

Hello flowmatic007
This is a static flash based on timeline, You can add/modify anything by your own.

user flowmatic007
flowmatic007 purchased this file 1 decade ago

Can the with and height of the gallery be adjusted to our specs in the fla file or no? Also, what about colors, speed, blur, etc...

user Mahi
Mahi the listing author 1 decade ago

Hello Adrian
Thanks for the answer.

user adrianTNT
adrianTNT didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago

Tiajackson, depends on your skills, you have to be able to upload files on your server (jpg, xml, swf) and to be able to paste html code in your joomla pages/templates (the received html code that shows the swf file). Some clients told me that they included the XML photo gallery in Joomla, it should be the same situation as with this file.

user Mahi
Mahi the listing author 1 decade ago

Hello tiajackson
I dont have idea about joomla.
I will give you the update that will it be used with joomla or not within 1 day.

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