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user MS-Design ByMS-Design


Flash version: 9, ActionScript 3.0.
Rounded XML Photogallery is a powerful and stylish gallery of images written in as3.

With RXP you can simply add images in gallery folder, and write (cut and paste) few lines in a XML file to make photogallery works.

No actionscript experience is needed, RXP in fact is drag ‘n droppable *from one file to another without writing any code.

Fla file contains RXP movieclip with its own class, so you can *use it like a component * with no main class to customize and rewrite.

The picture viewer has standard sizes and *you don’t have to resize your images. RXP does this for you, so every image in gallery will be adapted to viewer window size with the correct proportion scaling.

Every image can have its own caption stored in XML file.

RXP uses a clean preloader with percent both for images and thumbnails. For easy of use you can set THUMBMODE switch: RXP will make and display thumbs images for you.

You can also use RXP as a Slideshow by pressing the play button.

RXP comes with a stylish interface but you can modify it by work on assets in the library (for instructions on this, please follow the specifications in this help document).

Also RXP class is highly customizable and adaptable to your projects, it uses TweenMax transitions engine (TweenMax classes are included since we are Corporate Club GreenSock member) .


In a preloadT item properties (in the library) You must tick Export in a first frame

CS4 version is not affected

Keywords: photogallery  gallery  XML  image  autosize  autoplay  slideshow  as3  thumbnails  cs3  cs4 


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user MS-Design
MS-Design the listing author 7 years ago

you need to change the font into fla, or you can remove urban from you pc and make a font substitution in flash.

user jimdesignranch
jimdesignranch purchased this file 7 years ago

I hate to sound stupid, but how do I change the fonts from Urban to something else?

user MS-Design
MS-Design the listing author 1 decade ago

you need a customization to change thumb size or you can put black to fill space... you can edit everything you want by fla file

user svcreation
svcreation didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago

can we change thumbnail into vertical easily.
or edit the design.


user MS-Design
MS-Design the listing author 1 decade ago

version 1.1 release - fix portrait thumbs bug

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