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user umarmughal Byumarmughal


Flash version: 8, ActionScript 2.0.
Flash Water Effect Included:

Flash CS3 File
Flash 8 File

You can use this script over any image Will give real water effect when you move your mouse, Can be use on any image or illustration .. Give it a try

Good Luck using the File

Keywords: water  effect  actionscript  animated  real 


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user umarmughal
umarmughal the listing author 9 years ago

Hello, i dont exactly understand what you mean by can not stop effect .. can you be more specific on this? or you might need to update flash player to the latest which you can get directly from

user subolga
subolga purchased this file 9 years ago

Just one more question....can not stop an effect on picture, it goes on and on...not like on that green background picture. What should I do with it?

user subolga
subolga purchased this file 9 years ago

Thanks! Everything works :) even with many different images

user umarmughal
umarmughal the listing author 1 decade ago

@josh2 .. when you open the file in flash library you can see image.jpg right click on the image and then click properties a window will open there you ll see update button clicking that button you can choose your image. Other way is import any image in flash library and delete the included one then right click on image select Linkage then tick the box Export for Actionscript and give Identifier name "image" without quotes.

I hope this helps.


user josh2
josh2 purchased this file 1 decade ago

I purchased and like very much, but cannot figure out how/where to add my own image. I know it's basic but still learning - can you give me some guidance? Thanks.

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