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ULTIMATE POPUP WINDOWS XML AS3 - click for preview
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user MS-Design ByMS-Design


Flash version: 9, ActionScript 3.0.
What is Ultimate Popup windows?
This file is the definitive solution to insert popup windows in your AS3 projects.
• Unlimited windows
• Open SWF
• Open CSS formatted text
• You can define all parameters
o Width
o Height
o X position
o Y position
o Title
o Xml file to define content type and content text, css file and imgae or swf link
• Close button
• Reduce button (with double click on titlebar to reduce)
• Stylish preloader and percent on titlebar
• Scrollbar and windows skinnable by working on assets in the library
• XML driven
• Well commented code
Check the demo, it’s very easy to play!!

Also Ultimate Popup is highly customizable and adaptable to your projects, it uses TweenMax transitions engine (TweenMax classes are included since we are Corporate Club GreenSock member) .

Keywords: popup  windows  window  draggable  loader  css  text 


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user MS-Design
MS-Design the listing author 1 decade ago

with this item you can open a flash popup into flash project.
so you need your as3 projects to make popup works. It's not a javascript like popup, you can't paste it into html code

user cirwin011
cirwin011 didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago

Please forgive me, but I am VERY new to all of this and I don't understand your explanation.

I just wanted to be sure about how to use ULTIMATE POPUP WINDOWS XML AS3, by itself or would I have to use Flash to open the ActionScript 3 project and try to manipulate it from there? If the code generator, then that code would simply be cut and pasted into my web pages, right?

Is there support documentation and. if so, does it give you detailed instructions on using ULTIMATE POPUP WINDOWS XML AS3?

user MS-Design
MS-Design the listing author 1 decade ago

hi. example is a code generator. popup
work as class in as3 flash file. so you
can open popup into as3 project using
the code generator

user cirwin011
cirwin011 didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago


Is this an actual application with an interface such as is shown in the preview or is it a .swf file editable from an .xml file? How is the pop-up command inserted into an html page?

user MS-Design
MS-Design the listing author 1 decade ago

you can change the skin by working on library.
you can put full html text into the windows, link , color , image ect
you can load an swf into windows and you can load image into windows
you can do anything :)

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