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Power XML Template 2.0 - New Release this listing is admin's pick

Power XML Template 2.0 - New Release - click for preview
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user MS-Design ByMS-Design


Flash version: 9, ActionScript 3.0.
2.0 Version - New Features!
* mp3 playlist
* mouse wheel enabled for scroll
* you can choose background for each module
* new module called "new style" to import your custom swf into window
* all font are now embedded and work with CSS
* new design of every module
* new submenu
* fullscreen button

Power XML template 2.0 is the ultimate solution for creating, editing and launching your website in Adobe Flash even if you do not know anything about the actionscript language, and you do not have a copy of the software. Through a simple modification of the XML file, you will be able to setup your main menu and footer, to use up to 9 predefined modules and, above all, to update your website on your own.
This template structure is quite complex, but it is very easy to use. Thanks to this guide you will be able to use the template immediately, allowing you to learn over time the several possibilities offered by Power XML Template.



* Liquid layout
* Fully resizable
* Content always aligned to the center of the stage.

Options that can be edited from the XML file:

* o Main menu
* o Submenu
* Small logo on the top bar
* Big logo in the center of the page
* Site name
* Site URL
* Webmaster's email address
* Background audio file (compatibilty mode only
* Main Background (it can be a dynamic or static swf file, or an image)
* Ability to switch between different background colors at the touch of a menu button
* Footer's text
* Address
* Background change switch
* Main Menu colorset
* Other background alpha

Options for each menu items

* Section name
* Content type
* XML file associated to the specific section
* Any submenus with name, content type and associate XML file
* Background Image or SWF

HTML module

* XML driven
* All Fonts are embedded
* Ability to enter html formatted text with your own stylesheet
* Ability to enter images and links
* View in a window and scrollbar (if needed) with tween and mouse wheel enabled

NEWS module

* XML driven
* Unlimited News
* Big news display at mouse click
* Html formatted text with his own CSS file
* All Fonts are embedded
* Multiple use allowed
* Mouse wheel enabled

TEAM module

* XML driven
* Unlimited people
* Html formatted text with his own CSS file
* Mouse wheel enabled
* Multiple use allowed


* PPG is resizable to automatically fit browser windows
* Works with categories
* XML driven, and then easy to update
* Powerful full screen ZOOM
* You can also use PPG as a Slideshow by pressing the play button.
* Every image can have its own caption stored in XML file.
* For easy of use you can set THUMBMODE switch: PPG will make and display thumbs images for you.
* Images AUTOSIZING to fit viewer windows. You don�t have to resize your images. PPG does this for you, so every image in gallery will be adapted to viewer window size with the correct proportion scaling.
* PPG uses a clean preloader with percent both for images and thumbnails.
* Caption with CSS formatted text (Fonts embedded)


* PHP driven (needs php working server)
* Field verification

CUSTOM module

* Load your SWF
* Automatic centered


* You can open external link in a new window


* To open your custom swf in new style window


* Full XML driven

POWER XML TEMPLATE 2.0 class uses TweenMax transitions engine (TweenMax classes are included since we are Corporate Club GreenSock member) .

Keywords: xml  template  flash  as3  fullscreen  photogallery  news  team  people 


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user eddymax
eddymax purchased this file 9 years ago

Hi dude, got a question. how can I add youtube videos to the videogallery, I tried to set the url up but it doesn't work. thanks in advance. best regards

user eddymax
eddymax purchased this file 9 years ago

Hello MS-Design. I bough this template but I'm having a small problem. I want to add more than 1 custom swf (7) to a submenu but I can't, I have checked several times the rout, xmls, swfs and everything is correct but the 2nd and other swfs simply dont load up. Code is as follow:

<xmldriver>component/xml/contact/paquete s.xml</xmldriver>
<bkg>component/data/background_a/ g</bkg>
<submenu filetype="custom" xmldriver="component/xml/contact/bodas.x ml">BODAS</submenu>
<submenu filetype="custom" xmldriver="component/xml/contact/anos.xm l">XV AOS</submenu>

In anos.xml the code is as follow:

<window >


The file xvanos.swf exists already in component/data folder

I thank you in advance for helping. Best regards.

user MS-Design
MS-Design the listing author 1 decade ago

all sources are included fla, as, js,html

no PSD simply beacuse I didn't use Photoshop to build the interface



user fabriciorj
fabriciorj didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago

Hi, i want to buy your template, but i have to make a few questions..
1- I need to know is the files of FLA and PSD come with the template...
Thanks.. Cya

user moscoiso
moscoiso didn't purchased this file yet 1 decade ago

Very, very, very good, nice, job...
Very all.

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